Sms Locate me is one of my latest Android app which i developed mainly for myself.

There are plenty of applications which allow to keep track of your friends, but mostly they need to use internet connection to communicate each other.

With Sms Locate Me, the communication process is standalone and doesn’t involve in any way the presence of an internet connection.

It allows you to localize your friends with just an sms. It’s very simple to use. You and your friend install the application and add each other to the list of Control / Authorizathion.

By clicking the button “Ask for request”, an sms is sent to your friend. The App automatically gather information about his/her position (using the new Android Fused Location Provider for a more accurate positioning detection), and send back these information to the sender which can visualize his/her friend position in a map and discover the approximate address.

This application will be released soon on Google Play in two versions, a free one with a limitation of three position requests, and a paid one with no limitation and ad at all.

Please note:  requesting a friend position has a cost of two sms, one for the sender and one for the receiver.

Screenshot_2015-02-14-14-37-50 Screenshot_2015-02-14-14-41-42 Screenshot_2015-02-14-14-41-54