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Have you ever owned an Amiga?

If the answer is yes, then i don’t have to explain that magic feeling you could breath back to the 80s’

Despite we are full of Amiga emulators for our pcs and smartphones, they don’t convey that sensation a dedicated machine could offer.

And what if that emotion could be fired again?

Let me introduce my solution – Amiga Pi – a powerful Amiga in the palm of your hand based on Raspberry pi 2/3.

In several seconds Amiga Pi will boot straight to the Uae4arm emulator environment.

You can emulate any Amiga, from A500 till A4000, and install all the software and games you want. Plug Amiga Pi to your Hdmi device (or VGA with the adaptor), your joystick / joypad to the usb port and enjoy playing your favourite games 🙂

Contact me

Do you want one?

Do you need help configuring yours?

Drop me a line for further details 🙂

What do i provide?

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Aluminium case (available also in white and black colors)
  • MicroSD 16GB
  • Metallic sticker Amiga logo
  • Installation of a Amibian distribution

Shipping costs for European are more or less €20

If you live outside Europe, please consider the following shipping costs

  • USA (€28) more or less $32,54
  • Australia (€34) more or less AUD 54.85


How it looks like

This is my own configuration running Amiga OS 3.9 with Picasso 96 drivers and 2 hard disks


This is my own configuration running the brand new Amiga OS 3.1.4 released in 2018 by Hyperion.



I don’t provide any game or software, neither any kickstart / rom or copyrighted material

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